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Do I need a permit to open carry in Nebraska?

The only city in Nebraska that requires a permit to open carry is Omaha. If you have a CHP that is valid in Nebraska (including CHPs issued by other states that are recognized by Nebraska), then you can open carry in Omaha; otherwise, you need a special permit.

- Omaha Municipal Code (Sec. 20-206,207)

May I carry my handgun loaded?

Nebraska law is silent on carrying loaded handguns; therefore, you may carry your handgun loaded.

Do concealed carry prohibited places apply to open carry?

Yes and no. Due to the specification of "concealed handgun" in Nebraska Revised Statute 69-2441, which defines prohibited places for concealed carry, the statute does not apply to the open carrying of handguns. However, there are restrictions outlined in other places in the law, such as Nebraska Revised Statute 28-1204.04 which prohibits any firearm from being on the premises of a school. While not technically illegal, do expect possible pushback from law enforcement as they may be under the impression that NRS 69-2441 applies to all forms of carry. We urge you to get legal advice if you have any questions regarding open carrying in a place prohibited for concealed carry or if you plan on open carrying into one of these locations.