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Check out to buy or sell used firearms—the more people who use it, the better!


Place People Have Carried

Here is a (semi-complete) running list of places where people are known to have open carried with no issues. Remember, the key to carrying without getting a negative response is in your behavior—behave respectfully and carry yourself confidently.

Grand Island



Locations with Various Anti-Weapon Signs (or Known to Be Unfriendly)

Perhaps in the future, this will be much more robust and will include pictures. For now, check out the NFOA page. Also, if you feel so inclined, I recommend politely informing any business you visit that has an anti-weapon policy of the failure of “gun-free” zones to prevent crimes (Aurora shooting, Virginia Tech shooting, Columbine shooting, etc.). You may also be interested to know that these signs only legally apply to those carrying concealed who have a CHP. Technically, you may open carry in these places (as long as not otherwise restricted by law such as in schools, government buildings, etc.); however, you can be asked to leave and be accused of trespassing if you refuse, so we don't necessarily recommend doing this.

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